MOLiCHiNO is proud to announce the re-opening of its in-world store on March 10 2014 at 5pm SLT.

MOLiCHiNO is so happy to be back in-world.  It has been a tough few months for the owner: Aurelia Chauveau.  The closing of MOLiCHiNO last year, after being in-world for over 2 years, brought tears and sadness and to get back into creating has re-ignited a passion! Aurelia is excited and nervous to open up shop again! She has been working hard to create a new location for MOLiCHiNO, updating vendor systems and creating new items for release.

To celebrate the opening, we have decided to introduce the title of MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP.  This is the most special, and exclusive title anyone can gain, the title enables the winner to receive every item from MOLiCHiNO from now until the end of time. (Previous releases can be sent to the winner at any time at request). The maximum number of new MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP’s is limited to 4 per year or less, so it is a very exclusive club to be a part of!   To win the title is easy, anyone can enter!  By shopping at the new MOLiCHiNO in-world store from March 10 5pm SLT until March 17 5pm SLT, you are automatically put into the draw to win! There is only one entry per-person to make it fair.  As a runners up prize, 3 additional winners will be chosen to win the next 3 releases at MOLiCHiNO for free.

An updated vendor system will allow customers to gain credit by shopping at MOLiCHiNO. Every purchase in-world at the mainstore will give the customer a small credit which can be used towards additional items.  Those customers who are part of the MOLiCHiNO VIP group, who wear their group tag will gain 10% credit on all purchases.  The updated system also allows customers to purchase gift cards for whatever amount they want. As well as all this, we have also implemented the wish-list system so you can tell your friends what you want them to buy for your birthday or special occasion!

The new location now has a special «Sale room» where most of our older clothing has been marked down!

Our Second Life Marketplace is also going to be updated over the next month or so (such a big job) so that most items from in-world can also be purchased there, please bare with us during this time.

We are so excited to be back, it has been tough to be gone, however, we hope to bring some new items that will make people happy, and can’t wait to see everyone in some new MOLiCHiNO Fashions!

Aurelia Chauveau
MOLiCHiNO Owner and Designer

Linda Reddevil
MOLiCHiNO General Manager.

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